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Term dates for the academic year 2017-18.

The biggest dilemma for the parents of children born abroad was if they wanted their children to learn the Slovak language and culture, and how to achieve that. One of the solutions was to establish a Slovak language 'school' where children would learn how to write, read and speak Slovak. They would also learn about Slovak customs and traditions.

Not an easy task awaited Lola Kassovic,  the person behind this project and who is also the manager of Saturday 'school'.

Currently we have around 25 children and 4 qualified teachers that have relevant experience of teaching in both Slovak and English schools. All the teachers have also been CRB checked as the British educational systems require.

The whole teaching is in Slovak language but there are different ages of children and levels of speaking. Teachers sometimes find that using a combination of Slovak and English helps the children to create a robust word layer base. Soon they are able to use and understand the Slovak language entirely resorting to use English, which makes easier for children to understand the tasks and follow instructions.

Picture of the kids and teacher

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